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Trusts & Estate Planning

It’s wise to look ahead and take steps to protect your family wealth – whether through Trusts, Offshore Financial structures, Inheritance tax planning or efficient Estate administration. Our end goal is to provide the planning and support that you and your family need to steward your wealth across generations.
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Wealth Management

The money decisions you make today lay the foundation for a successful lifetime and legacy. As your dedicated personal advisor, we can assist you in managing your investments and other important factors that contribute to your overall financial big picture.

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Financial Planning

A financial plan is a roadmap for your financial future. Performing Financial Planning is critical to the success of any Investor. It provides the Investment Plan with rigor, by confirming that the objectives set are achievable from a financial point of view.

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What sets us Apart


active because active matters

We selectively advise in what we believe are the most compelling opportunities. Our advisory teams are free to form their own views and seek to actively position portfolios to connect clients with their financial goals.


Global strength to deliver local solutions

We offer true global reach combined with the tailored solutions you would expect from a local partner.




empowering clients through knowledge shared

We connect our clients with insights and knowledge that empower them to make better investment and business decisions.

Why diversification matters

The key to successful investing is learning how to balance your comfort level with risk against your time horizon.
One way to balance risk and reward in your investment portfolio is to diversify your assets. This strategy has many complex iterations, but at its root is the simple idea of spreading your portfolio across geographical locations and several asset classes.

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When you make an investment, it is difficult to say with any certainty what you’ll get back when you finally cash it in. This lack of certainty is caused by something called investment risk (IR) You can’t plan financially without understanding what investment risk is and how this can impact on your own attitude to risk. We associate investment risk with uncertainty and unpredictability.
Your own attitude to risk will be determined by a number of factors including your age, personal circumstances and your goals There are other risks such as interest rates, exchange rates and inflation is a risk too. Just concentrating on capital risk and ignoring these other risks can mean you take too cautious an approach. General statements
  • The higher return you want, the more risk you’ll usually have to take.
  • If you’re saving over the short-term you should take less risk.
  • If you are investing for the long-term you can afford to take more risk.
  • Investing in share-based assets has proved to be the best way for providing growth that outstrips inflation. There is a risk attached but, when you invest over the long-term, there is more time to recover your losses after a fall in the stock market.
In explaining and determining your approach to risk we split this into two parts: 1.Your ability to take risks We look at a number of key areas which include;
  • Your personal circumstances
  • Your knowledge & experience of financial markets and investments
  • What your goals and objectives are
  • What might happen if your investments fell in the short term (we describe this as your capacity for loss)
2.Your willingness to take risks This is more of a mental approach, how you feel, can you sleep at night if your investments are falling?
  • Although every client is unique; it is possible to categorise people’s attitude to risk using proven psychometric profiling techniques. Psychometric profiling identifies characteristics such as: tolerance for ambiguity, desire for profit and investment experience.
  • We use a risk profile exercise that has been designed with the assistance of academics from Oxford University
  • Having worked with you on the first two parts, the final stage is to explain whether we think your goals are achievable (part 1 above) given your desired level of risk (part 2 above). It may be that they match. However in our experience there is often a compromise that you have to make. This could be that in order to achieve your goals you will have to accept a higher level of risk or alternatively continue with the desired level of risk and accept that you may not achieve your objectives.
  • Either way we are committed to assisting you through the process. We will ensure that you are provided with sufficient education to enable you to assist in the portfolio construction and that you clearly understand the choices you have made. All of which will be reviewed on a regular basis and any adjustments made.

Financial planning is the process of taking control of your finances and then making your money work for you. If you do not plan, the chances are that you will not make the most of your money. But planning is much easier if you undertake the process with the help of a skilled advisor who is well used to helping people to define their aims and work out how best to achieve them.

The main stages of the financial planning process are:

  • Deciding on your goals and which of them are the most important is the initial stage. At some stages in life your top priority may be raising a mortgage to buy a home and to protect it with insurance. At other stages, building up retirement funds may become your key aim. Later on, balancing your income needs and your desire to save tax on your estate may be your main objective. Your goals and priorities are bound to change, and your planning must adapt accordingly. An essential aspect of this first planning stage is for us to discuss and understand your tolerance to investment and other kinds of risk.
  • Assessing your resources accurately and fully is the next step. We need to know about your income, investments, property, borrowings, insurances, pensions and much, much more.
  • Analysing your situation typically involves our identifying and measuring the gaps between your aims and your resources. Are you on track to have a comfortable retirement? Are you paying excessive amounts of tax on your income, investments or potentially on your estate? Are you financially protected adequately?
  • Presenting you with the financial plan is the next stage. Our plan for you may be comprehensive and cover all aspects of your financial planning. Or it may just be focussed on a relatively narrow area of concern that you asked us to comment on. Sometimes the recommendations will need to be changed in the light of a client’s better understanding of their situation or even a change in priorities, once it has become clear what can be achieved. Our aim in producing our recommendations is to make them clear and as simple as possible.
  • Implementing the plan is the next step after you have understood and agreed with the recommendations. Where investment or insurance products are needed to implement the strategy, we aim to choose the most appropriate plans and providers for the purpose.
  • Reviewing the plan is essential on a regular basis. Your circumstances will change, along with your needs and priorities. Products, tax rules, markets and the environment will also change over time. Regular reviews are essential.
Wealth Management

Sax Coburg’s Wealth Management team is committed to providing the highest quality investment and technical financial planning advice to personal, corporate and trust clients.
Providing a bespoke financial planning service requires complete understanding of our clients’ financial position and their objectives for the future. We recognise that each individual’s needs are unique. Our consultation process ensures that we gain a full understanding of their requirements before providing any advice.
We start by listening to you. This helps us to determine your perspective on wealth, your investment goals and appetite for risk. Using this information, we can develop a carefully considered investment plan and advise you on potential opportunities. Thorough portfolio monitoring paired with regular reviews ensure that your investment activities are always in line with your current circumstances. Our experienced team can create a fully personalized and innovative solution that works best for you.
By partnering with us, you can benefit from the breadth of our advisory capabilities.


Trusts & Estate Planning

It’s wise to look ahead and take steps to protect your family wealth – whether through Trusts, Offshore Financial structures, Inheritance tax planning or efficient Estate administration. As professional advisers, we know that personal and family interests often overlap. From a personal perspective, our clients want to protect their family wealth and often have business interests they also wish to pursue. Planning ahead is a way to ensure effective management of your assets. We can help our clients protect the interests of those they love and whom they wish to benefit from their estate, as well as ensure they are able to protect the issues they care about.

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Partner programme

We are currently looking for partners in Latin America. We are client focused and are looking for partners who can add real value.
The Partnership is designed for longevity and continuity. Partners work with clients to create financial and investment plans and solutions.

You retain control of your business and retain your brand name – after all, it’s your expertise and relationships with clients that have made your business the success it is today.
We are looking for people who are passionate about what they do and who demonstrate integrity in their approach.
Sax Coburg can provide our partners with the tools to not only set it apart from its competition, but also access to a much wider range of products and services to enable them to better serve the needs of the clients. Sax Coburg will give you access to some of the world’s leading Fund Managers and more much more!


Our vision as a firm focuses on helping others achieve financial goals, as well as understanding of each client’s unique purpose, mission and values. We strive to empower clients by offering education, tools and resources aimed at facilitating clear communication and bringing definition to their ambitions and objectives. Each client has different ideas about what makes life great. We take the burden out of managing the financial details so clients can enjoy life’s journey and live out their unique purpose. We strive to be a force of calm, a navigator in the face of anxiety and uncertainty that all too often accompany financial success.

How We Work
Our sole focus is our clients. It is important to us to take the time to discover your aspirations and establish some clear objectives for your financial future.
We are fully committed to frequent personal communication with our clients and to the continuous monitoring of their investments. We have instituted limits on our future growth thereby ensuring on-going personal attention.
  • We devote considerable time and effort in determining our clients’ lifetime goals by really getting to know them personally. This allows us to gain an in-depth look into each client’s financial situation.
  • We are dedicated exclusively to addressing individual and family financial planning and investment management issues. Our in-depth expertise is centered around those concerns most important to current and long-term investors.
About us
Sax Coburg brings together proven, knowledgeable investment professionals, dedicated to delivering the best experience for our investors. We focus on providing personal advice to private clients around the world, powered by high-end services and expertise. We help clients achieve their financial aspirations through holistic solutions that take into account what truly matters to them – in their business and personal life, today and for future generations.